Fast Kotzen

Extinction Pavilion

Following the current political and environmental climate of Germany due to the rapid rise of their populist party, the AfD and their desire to strip Germany’s renewable energy plan outlined in their manifesto.
The installation “Pavillon des Aussterben” features;

A ‘tent’ which utilises recycled plastic ‘pockets’ each featuring a representation of an issue that’s driving our planet towards another mass extinction such as food wastage, single use plastics, fashion industry, etc.
A ‘fence’ to achieve a self-reflective space whilst reflecting upon the political influences that have affected German history and continue to influence its future.
A table which displays a box, each with a seedling ready to be planted for you to take home. The seeds are either Onions or Radishes encouraging you to grow your own food as well as contribute towards sustainability.
Plant your own future.



Franz-Flemming-Str. 9, 04179 Leipzig, Germany

23 March - 27 March 2019

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Why the title, Fast Kotzen? The artists of the 38th round relate to the idea of an instantaneous reaction in a form of purging, symbolically and physically. The body’s action of protecting itself serves as a symbol for rejection of the blind domination of nature and humans, pointing towards transformation of society as a whole and subsequently leading towards reconciliation. The duality of the word “fast” (in English – quick; but in German – almost, nearly) also implies that producing new work requires a reflection beforehand, the artists being eager to express themselves quickly in order to make room for new work and also to be in sync with the demands and the pace of the world today.

At the vernissage, you’ll have a chance to engage with the works and the artists, and also hear the reactions of Twin Effect. These talented musicians from Georgia will improvise based on their reactions to the art, the space, the crowd, and each other.

written by curator Tena Bakšaj

Fast Kotzen