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Micro Studios challenges preconceived notions of the gallery space as the role of passive spectator is shifted to the creative participant.

Each 'Micro Studio' is a functional self-contained object, specified to address the various forms and sub-genre within the medium of painting.  The scale of each work is specifically designed for each genre of painting.


Whilst providing an experience for the participants, collectively the 'Micro studios' series investigates the notion of ‘how a painting is constructed’ in an aim to understand the boundaries of where an object and action is no longer considered a painting.


Solo exhibition 

Scratch Art Space

67 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville, Sydney

22 February - 4 March 2018

Micro Studios

Where the division between viewer and artist does not exist.  

Micro Studios invites you to become part of the exhibition. Each work represents different categories of painting. You the viewer are asked to touch the art, to physically engage with/add to and alter these works.


Here Kleiner challenges the norm of the gallery space where there is traditionally a strict no touching policy. There is an enthralling choice of ways to engage with the work. You can be as interactive and hands-on as you wish.

Even just by watching others interact with the work you become a participant because this becomes performative in nature.

 - Willurai Kirkbright